How to choose the perfect clasp for (almost) any kind of bracelet!

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When it comes to making bracelets one of the challenges I frequently face is the choice of the right clasp for my jewelry designs. A bracelet's clasp is very important, as it is both an aesthetic and a practical issue. Just think about some of your favourite bracelets that are not really practical to wear and you end up not wearing them at all! This is why I thought I should share with you some tips on my favourite clasps for bracelets! Hopefully you will find some of these tips useful!

1. Lobster claw clasps : The most commonly used and versatile type of clasps! They come in numerous dimensions, colors and materials. They are widely preffered because they are affordable and they are very practical, they can be attached to almost any kind of bracelet. Also, lobster clasps are ideal if you need to make a bracelet that can fit a lot of wrist sizes since you can easily pair them with an extension chain. 

I usually use lobster clasps for beaded bracelets and dainty chain bracelets (but as I said before you can use them in many more types of bracelets!). When you use them in these kind of bracelets, make sure to choose the right size, for example in small chains use an accordingly small lobster clasp. 

Attaching a lobster clasp to a bracelet is fairly easy. For chain bracelets just open two jumprings with pliers and attach it to the chain.

For cord bracelets that have endings open two jumprings with pliers and attach it to the endings.

2. Magnetic clasps : There are many types of magnetic clasps, there are the ones that can be glued directly on to the leather/other type cords and come in specific sizes that fit each cord size and there are the ones that can be attached to any kind of bracelet. I use magnetic clasps a lot mainly because they make it really easy to open and close a bracelet! Also they come in so many sizes, colors and variations! 

Tip : when you use a magnetic clasp you need to be sure about the wrist size, for example if the bracelet is too tight on your wrist the magnetic clasp can easily open! 
I like to use magnetic clasps on leather bracelets and especially on wrap bracelets, it's so much easier to put on a wrap bracelet with a magnetic clasp! Just like this one :

These kind of magnetic clasps can also be easily attached to any cord just by opening two jumprings and attaching the magnetic clasp to the cord endings.

3. Toggle clasp : Toggle clasps are also on my favourite's list! They are also really practical to put on and off and in the same time they are secure too! Plus there is a huge selection of toggle clasps for every taste from round ones to heart shaped ones. 

I like to use them in bracelets where I connect multiple strings like this one :
They also look good on simple beaded bracelets, leather wrap bracelets and more. Attaching a toggle clasp in a bracelet is easy again using jumprings and pliers.

4. Hook clasps : Another unique type of clasp that really looks good on many types of bracelets. Also comes in various colors and materials. Really practical but secure too, similar to the toggle clasp. It can add style to a bracelet and I love to use it on minimal bracelet designs to make them unique! 

You can easily attach them too to any bracelet with the help of jumprings and pliers.
Tip : You can use this clasp in leather cord bracelets that don't need cord endings like this one (you don't even need jumprings for this one!) :

Obviously I didn't cover the whole range of clasps, I only mentioned some of my favourites! Βesides, when it comes to jewelry making there is no limit to your creativity!
So what's your favourite bracelet clasp that you use more often and why?

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  1. That's a useful sum-up! I'd prefer magnetic clasps, they are the easiest to use but also easily fall apart and here is a neat tip how to prevent losing a bracelet in this case - :)

  2. I'm always anxious with the magnetic clasps! Too afraid I might loose the bracelet though it never happened so far!

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